White fang essay

Some characteristics that Jack has is that he’s very courageous and brave when it comes to fighting packs of wolves that seize their supplies or who just need humans to feed off of. Jack is a young man who faces many dangers and major conflicts like his father’s death and the fact that if he hadn’t met Alex, he would’ve gone all by himself and would probably die trying to. Alex Larson is a brave man who is very popular in many towns. He also has many hunting, fighting, and wolf scaring abilities. White Fang is a very well trained wolf that runs like the wind and attacks without anyone knowing. Whenever White Fang is in danger, he either avoids it or fights until there is only one left standing.

There are other ways too in which I am invisible. I often feel that the work I do around the house is the work of an invisible person. How else could my husband consistently leave his underwear tucked behind the bathroom door? His wet towel on the bed? Surely, he does not imagine me, swearing, swooping to pick up his damp, crumpled briefs with a child on one hip as I listen to a podcast and ponder going gluten free. He is not making a statement with his actions, saying, “Here, wife, pick up after me.” Instead, I think that on some level he believes that he lives in an enchanted castle where the broom comes to life and sweeps, and the teapot pours itself.

White fang essay

white fang essay


white fang essaywhite fang essaywhite fang essaywhite fang essay