The thesis depot

Closure meets heavy resistance from the Marine Corps, because of the status of the parade deck as a memorial to veterans of World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq, as well as the cost of relocation of the Depot. In a July 14, 2005 public response to the Commission, Gordon R. England , the acting Deputy Secretary of Defense , stated that the Department of Defense did not recommend San Diego's closure because it would create a single point of failure in regard to Parris Island's vulnerability to hurricanes , among other threats. He also noted that the payback on such a closure would take over 100 years, due to the need for new construction at Parris Island and the need to relocate rather than eliminate personnel from San Diego.

My parents have a 2500 square foot home and a detached 2 car garage. I was able to find 10 gallons of off white high quality exterior paint for 2 bucks a gallon. Mom was instant on sunny yellow with white trim so i bought 1 gallon of the same quality of yellow paint to mix in a shade that she liked at a cost of 60 bucks. it would have cost us several hundred dollars to paint but we are painting their house for less than $100. the cost of grilling hotdogs and chicken (they raise their own) was also a minimal expense for labor. we invited the youth group from their church to come and help paint and we were able to complete the whole thing in a weekend, including 2 coats of paint!

The thesis depot

the thesis depot


the thesis depotthe thesis depotthe thesis depotthe thesis depot