Team sports vs individual sports essay

Santi: Yes. Todd: So, I take it , you can play sports all year round cause it's really warm? Santi: Yes. It's true. Todd: So, what kind of sports do you like to play? Santi: I like swimming and I like doing yoga. I like sports that involve like individual, not the group kind of sports. Todd: You don't like team sports? Santi: No. Todd: Really? Santi: Yes. Todd: That's interesting. So why? What is it about team sports you don't like? Santi: Well, actually, when you play individually you can compete with yourself . It's much better for me. Todd: Right, so like if you're swimming, you can increase your time. Santi: Yes. That's true. Todd: What about yoga? Santi: I yoga just for relaxing and just release my stress. Todd: See, I love team sports, you know, there's something about team sports. It's so fun. Like you have camaraderie . You have friendship, you know, like you share the thrill of victory or you share, you know, when you lose, the pain of the loss. I just love that. When you do something individually, you just don't have that. Santi: Yes, sometimes, it's true ... your opinion about that, but in my opinion, I think when I do sports, I'm very competitive, so if I get into a group, that is full of my friends, sometimes when we got lost, sometimes I feel angry. Todd: You want to put the blame on your friends? Santi: Sometimes I put the blame on mine, if it is my fault, but sometimes, yeah, it's just like not going so well at the end. Todd: Right. That's true. That is true. I kind of see your point. Santi: And I feel disappointed in them sometimes, so I'm not very good at teamwork when doing sports. Learn Vocabulary from the lesson I take it So, I take it, you can play sports all year round. We use the phrase 'I take it'  to confirm something we are not sure about.  Note the following:

  1. I take it Bob is not coming today. I don't see him.
  2. I take it the weather is warmer in the southern part of France.
compete You can compete with yourself. When we compete, we try to win or be more successfull than someone else. Note the following:
  1. Some students like to compete for the top score on the test.
  2. Most athletes have a need to compete in sports.
camaraderie You have camaraderie with your teammates. Cameraderie is a friendly feeling towards people we work or share an experience with.  Note the following:
  1. We have a lot of camaraderie in the office.
  2. There was a lack of camaraderie in the class.
thrill of victory You share the thrill of victory. The thrill of victory is a feeling of excitement that comes after winning a competition.  Note the following:
  1. The team shared the thrill of victory after winning the title.
  2. In sports, you have the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.
disappointed I feel disappointed in them sometimes. Being disappointed is similar to feeling a little sad about something.  Note the following:
  1. She was disappointed with her results.
  2. You should not get too disapointed with your job search. It is a bad economy.
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Team sports vs individual sports essay

team sports vs individual sports essay


team sports vs individual sports essayteam sports vs individual sports essayteam sports vs individual sports essayteam sports vs individual sports essay