Standard font size for college papers

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Note  : different browsers may produce different results, even on the same PC. For example, the size of font-size: text is very different for IE 5 and IE 6. Indeed, using ems can result in very serious differences with IE 5: doing font-size: should produce text the same size as normal text, but instead IE 5 produces text which is about 20% larger . To avoid this problem requires some method of providing different CSS for different versions of Internet Explorer, . using CSS tricks or conditional comments .

The solution is for the designer to specify sizes not in any length system - relative or absolute - but in literals (keywords) whose actual values adapt intelligently to the baseline or "medium" value chosen by the user. Such "absolute size" schemes have the unique benefit of being both based on a user-chosen size and "node agnostic;" ., the document structure does not complicate the meaning of absolute sizes the way it complicates the meaning of, say, "75%". Furthermore, the actual values of literals can vary in more sophisticated ways than simple relative length units, taking font quality and available resolution into account.

Standard font size for college papers

standard font size for college papers


standard font size for college papersstandard font size for college papersstandard font size for college papersstandard font size for college papers