Research paper on autism in children

Helping children with autism is not the sole responsibility of the teachers. The entire community should also take part in helping the children to develop better. For instance, the church and parents can also play an essential role in ensuring that these children develop successfully. The combination of efforts can go a long way in ensuring the success of the process. Parents for instance can join support groups to be guided on how to take care of their autistic children. The community should be taught that autism is not sufficient reason for exclusion since it is not a physical deficiency (Landa, 2007). This can help to reduce the harshness with which those with autism are frequently viewed.

Another possible source for autism is that it may be the result of neurological abnormalities.  One study indicates that individuals with autism have a smaller number of Pukinje cells and a smaller number of cells in lobes VI and VII of the brain. Additional studies suggest that autism may be caused by lesions in the medial temporal lobe of the brain.  Monkeys with such lesions show symptoms characteristic of autism in that they appear withdrawn and lack eye contact.  Autopsies of people with autism reveal a decrease in brain cells in the limbic region, thus supporting the hypothesis of brain lesion etiology .  Other research that malformations of the cerebral cortex, particularly in the parietal lobe, may cause autism. Individuals who have had strokes in this area of the brain often develop autistic-like symptoms, such as a blank stare.

Research paper on autism in children

research paper on autism in children


research paper on autism in childrenresearch paper on autism in childrenresearch paper on autism in childrenresearch paper on autism in children