Phd thesis on mechanical engineering

Engineering masterpieces of the future will require mechanical engineers to reach beyond the traditional knowledge of the field. To be truly innovative, they will need to integrate aspects of other disciplines into their education, using nanomaterials, rapid prototyping, molecular rotors, biomechanic interfaces, and more. Building on the core disciplines of mechanical engineering, our department focuses on the following strategic areas: design , nano/microscience technology , biosystems and health , energy and sustainability , and multiscale simulation .

Take a theoretical look into the behaviors of materials and structures, and gain a strong mathematical foundation to support studies in material behavior under stress and material failure analysis. The MS in Engineering Mechanics provides preparation for doctoral studies or professional practice. You can choose from three MS degree options: the thesis option, the report option, and the signature course work option. The department’s research thrust areas include advanced power systems, mechanics of multi-scale materials, multidisciplinary engineering dynamic systems, multi-scale sensors and systems, and space systems.

Phd thesis on mechanical engineering

phd thesis on mechanical engineering


phd thesis on mechanical engineeringphd thesis on mechanical engineeringphd thesis on mechanical engineeringphd thesis on mechanical engineering