Obama new speech

I appreciate that the speech didn’t seem to be designed as a vehicle to deliver a couple of memorable bits- but rather as a means of setting a markedly new political and even social tone. And while he surely employed some pretty typical American themes, he wove them together uniquely, and made them feel truly relevant and even modern (in the sense that we are entering a new modernity, which the president seems to be suggesting). He wasn’t just quoting .; he was believably applying the spirit of our national history to our challenges from market dysfunction, to energy technology, to war against non-state entities.

This theme — that black Americans suffer while others profit — is a national problem, Obama continues: “We need additional federal public transportation dollars flowing to the highest need communities. We don’t need to build more highways out in the suburbs,” where, the implication is, the rich white people live. Instead, Obama says, federal money should flow to “our neighborhoods”: “We should be investing in minority-owned businesses, in our neighborhoods, so people don’t have to travel from miles away.”

It’s unfortunate to renounce foreign oil in political campaigns. Kerry did it also. While it certainly might be true that it would be good to be more energy independent it also insults the people who are working to supply to US with it’s tremendous need for oil.
An energy debate between four dems and four repubs yesterday on TV indicated that they needed to grow up and that a strolling psychiatrist would be helpful and that an independent decider, not Howard Dean, might help them make sense of what to do.
Even in the realm of nuclear power, it seems that Iran wants to refine Uranium and could help supply the world market but needs to have an overwatch so they wouldn’t be trusted with making bombs, tomorrow is Hiroshima Day, but again there is a political crisis of insanity overriding good management.

Obama new speech

obama new speech


obama new speechobama new speechobama new speechobama new speech