Mla format for a term paper

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The front page is a "face" of student’s term paper, so one should pay much attention to complete it according to all rules. First of all it is important choose the right font - it will be Times New Roman of 12 size; the lines have to see double-spaced to make a title and information about the student more visible. The left upper side of the page will represent information about student and his field of study. But first of all it is important to write student’s last name and the number of pages on the upper right part of the sheet and this setting should be continued on every following page. So, on the left of the page one has to write his first and last names; below the name and academic degree of the teacher; below the field of study and finally the date. The title of a term paper in MLA style is written in the middle of the page in the centre of the sheet in capital letters.

Mla format for a term paper

mla format for a term paper


mla format for a term papermla format for a term papermla format for a term papermla format for a term paper