Library and its uses essays

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One thing off-topic while I’m talking about these two functions: the argument = FALSE for library() and require() is a design mistake in my eyes. It seems the original author(s) wanted to be lazy to avoid typing the quotes around the package name, so library(foo) works like library("foo") . Once you show people they can be lazy, you can never pull them back. Apparently, the editors of JSS (Journal of Statistical Software) have been trying to promote the form library("foo") and discourage library(foo) , but I do not think it makes much sense now or it will change anything. If it were in the 90’s, I’d wholeheartedly support it. It is simply way too late now. Yes, two extra quotation marks will kill many kittens on this planet. If you are familiar with *nix commands, this idea is not new – just think about tar -z -x -f , tar -zxf , and tar zxf .

Library and its uses essays

library and its uses essays


library and its uses essayslibrary and its uses essayslibrary and its uses essayslibrary and its uses essays