Incredible india essay writing

The benefits of participation in the Berkeley Prize are extraordinary, not only for those students who receive an award. Involvement in the program catalyzes all students to explore their design ethics, ideas for addressing social and environmental challenges, and hopes for the future. Throughout this process, students are encouraged to clearly articulate their professional goals and identify their personal paths forward. Not surprisingly, many have gone on to have profound impact on people and places, through their activism and practice.

if you are not an Indian and have never been to India, i request you not to miss the golden chance of visiting it. Because nowhere in the world can you find so many religions, so many cultures and traditions, so many customs and dances, so many creations and statues, so many different landscapes in one country! there are numerous tourist attractions and your trip will be worth it. You can eat a whole range of new food every day infact and taste different reciepes in different locations. you can enjoy performances that you can't expect to see anywhere else in the world, you can go to more than 10 places of worship in a day and see different beliefs in each, you can buy local things that are simply priceless and marvellous, you can visit wonder of the world - Taj mahal along with similar superb creations, you can do boating in kerela or climb the Everest, you can watch people playing with colours or with crackers, your eyes would refuse to shut when you see lights in the entire river or people dancing in the busy street in unusual dresses, you can take a ride on elephant,camel or horse, you can see national parks where the Rhinocerous lives or stay in a luxurious 5-star hotel, you can shop at the mall or at remote village fair, etc. Thus, you can have a thrilling life time experience and nothing to regret. " I am proud to be an Indian and i welcome you to India".

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Incredible india essay writing

incredible india essay writing


incredible india essay writingincredible india essay writingincredible india essay writingincredible india essay writing