Essay familiarity breeds contempt

Conditions for professional service matter. Contemplate the result if we asked our highly educated and trained brain surgeons to work in the . tent conditions equivalent to so many classrooms. In such an environment we would predictably see a much higher rate of failure. Or, consider if the roles were reversed-that brain surgeons were educated and rewarded as if teachers. It is virtually impossible to contemplate because it is hard to conceive of any of us willing to be operated on by someone with so little education or clinical training in a profession held in so much public disdain.

Education : The British and American services at one time had an unenviable reputation in the realm of military information. This has been corrected of late but there is still room for improvement. Do you imagine that the successful broker spends his evenings studying the progress of the National League? Hardly. He studies the market. The man who only works during working hours is apt to keep right on at the same job or get a worse one. Few are born Napoleons, but any of us can be good company commanders if we study. When we are that, try for the battalion and so on; ultimately for four stars. Hence, read military history and books on tactics. I am making out a list of such which I will give to you and some of which we will study together. But I earnestly advise you all to read military subjects three and a half hours a week. How little that is; and the lack of the knowledge may cause the death of your men and the defeat of your outfit.

Essay familiarity breeds contempt

essay familiarity breeds contempt


essay familiarity breeds contemptessay familiarity breeds contemptessay familiarity breeds contemptessay familiarity breeds contempt