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Porn was at this time (1966-67) still illegal in Denmark so it had to be sold from beneath the counter. The Danish police often dropped by Rådhus-Antikvariatet to check if they had illegal porn. In the beginning they were selling pinup-magazines. How they managed to avoid being caught is still not known. They soon decided to start producing their own pornography. According to anniversary-editorials in their magazines, Color Climax themselves claims to have published their first Porn magazine in 1967. This will be covered in depth in later posts.

In some stories, characters may fail to achieve the Story Goal, only to find that their failure is a good thing. For instance, the Alfred Hitchcock film, Rebecca , tells the story of a woman who marries a rich widower. She tries fill the shoes of the first wife, but fails utterly. Yet, that failure turns out to be a good thing. She finds out, in the end, that her husband hated his first wife and loved his new wife because she was so different. Melanie Anne Phillips calls this type of plot a Personal Triumph, but the classical term invented by Aristotle is “Tragi-comedy.”

1580s, in the rhetorical sense (a chain of reasoning in graduating steps from weaker to stronger), from Late Latin climax (genitive climacis ), from Greek klimax "propositions rising in effectiveness," literally "ladder," from root of klinein "to slope," from PIE root *klei- "to lean" (see lean (v.)).

The rhetorical meaning evolved in English through "series of steps by which a goal is achieved," to "escalating steps," to (1789) "high point of intensity or development," a usage credited by the OED to "popular ignorance." The meaning "sexual orgasm" is recorded by 1880 (also in terms such as climax of orgasm ), said to have been promoted from by birth-control pioneer Marie Stopes (1880-1958) and others as a more accessible word than orgasm (n.).

Book climax

book climax


book climaxbook climaxbook climaxbook climax