Apa purdue owl headings

The title of the table of contents is Contents . The table of contents is organised by numbering the parts as main chapters and subchapters. There is no full stop following main chapter and subchapter numbers. The titles in the table of contents must be identical to the corresponding titles in the text. The title of the thesis and of each main chapter is set in bold typeface. Other aspects of the table of contents can be freely formatted. Two levels of headings are generally sufficient. A third level may be used if deemed necessary (see Figure 1). There should be no instances where only a single subchapter is used; the main chapter title alone is permissible.

If you’re a student, your schoolwork won’t go through this whole process before it’s finalized. Your paper is considered “final” when you submit it to your professor. For example, a dissertation, once submitted, becomes the final, published version of record. Therefore, it’s important to consider the final appearance of your paper during the draft stage. Some formatting issues not covered in the Publication Manual will need to be addressed while you’re writing your paper. When in doubt, always check with your professor or university to see if they have their own preferred standards.

Apa purdue owl headings

apa purdue owl headings


apa purdue owl headingsapa purdue owl headingsapa purdue owl headingsapa purdue owl headings