Alternative fuels essay

With all this effort, ethanol has some downsides to it. The higher percentage of ethanol in gasoline, the lower the mileage and if gas prices continue to decline, flex-fueled vehicle owners will resort to regular gasoline then ethanol based gas. This would defeat the purpose of producing ethanol. Other concerns are older model cars would not be able to use the ethanol and the amount of energy needed to produce the corn crops would be more then the energy output of ethanol. One person stated it best, ethanol is currently blended with gasoline, and itÐŽ¦s not a complete substitute for oil (Grzedzicki). To completely change Americans dependence on foreign oil over night will not be easy. It will take a slow process to make Americans aware of the alternatives, but ethanol is a current fuel that is readily available to assist Americans from relaying on foreign oil.

Natural gas transition will acquire cheaper as advancement is made in engineering and betterments in the Fischer-Tropsch reaction are made. Even now natural gas is comparatively inexpensive to bring forth in comparing with rough oil. With its copiousness and its environmentally friendly belongingss natural gas will be exploited more and more in the hereafter. Fuel cells are already being used in the Necar produced by Mercedes that runs on methyl alcohol. It is besides used to bring forth a cleaner burning Diesel fuel that can be used in cars today. Finally when the obstruction of the cost of transition is overcome so the lone thing restricting its usage is the applications we can believe of to use it to.

When nuclear power became a usable source of energy for producing electricity in the 1950s it was thought that it would be the new power for the future. Some sources report that by 1993 about 20 percent of the nation's electricity was generated from nuclear power. Although over one hundred nuclear power plants are still in operation in the United States today, nuclear power has not lived up to its promise. Due to the threat of nuclear accidents and the difficulty and costs associated with the disposal of the toxic waste by-products, nuclear power has not become the primary source of power production it was once thought it would become. Only about 7 to 8 percent of the energy produced in the United States comes from nuclear power.

Alternative fuels essay

alternative fuels essay


alternative fuels essayalternative fuels essayalternative fuels essayalternative fuels essay