Academic resume phd application

A job in academia has always been the alternative one for me as having a teaching career has never sounded that appealing to me. I was looking for a job in research and development department in many companies after graduated my first degree (MEng) and couldn’t find one that would even consider with the MEng degree that I have. I would need at least a Masters (by research) degree just to make myself eligible to apply for the job. So I thought I might as well do a PhD if I’m getting a research degree. And now fast approaching the finish line, I’m still not interested in looking for a job in academia when I finally completed my PhD. In fact, I can’t wait to finish and leave this place!

BNU Scholarship for International Students in China, 2017
Scholarship Provider: Beijing Normal University, China
Eligible Students: Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with good health who maintain an amicable attitude towards China.
Course:   Scholarships are available for pursuing PhD degree programme at Beijing Normal University.
Award Details:  Scholarships include; Waives full tuition during the duration of study; Provides a living allowance during the duration of study: Undergraduate students: RMB 2,000yuan/month, Master students?RMB 2,500yuan/month and Ph. D students?RMB 3,000yuan/month; Provides comprehensive insurance.
Application Deadline   June 15

Academic resume phd application

academic resume phd application


academic resume phd applicationacademic resume phd applicationacademic resume phd applicationacademic resume phd application